Lululemon and renovations

Well it’s been a while.
I have something I need to say about a company that boasts about it’s environmental impact. This company is Lululemon.

Recently the Regina, SK location has been undergoing renovations. They’ve moved to a smaller location while they do these extensive upgrades. Upon observance of the progress it was noticed that they were removing perfectly good shelving, mannequins, lighting and other amazing materials that could easily be reused.

Here is a couple pictures for evidence and your benefit.

The Lululemon Regina Wasteful renovation

That is some fantastic lighting there that could probably be reused. Also brilliant PPE but that’s a seperate matter.

Perfectly good shelving being smashed so that no one else can use it. Note PPE is now on.

The Lululemon Regina Wasteful renovation

Look at all those mannequin bodies heading to the dump. Kind of eerie but still annoying they couldn’t reuse them.

There is plenty of places they could have donated these to that would have had a great environmentally friendly impact. The Habitat for Humanity Restore store is one. They sell used everything and the money goes towards home for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them.

I initiated a twitter conversation with Lululemon online on this matter. After telling my that they value my feedback, they referred me to the acting store manager for the Regina location after a several day wait. Her response was that my feedback was important to them and she would bring it up to the people who make these decisions.

I was looking for an answer on why this decision was made in the first place. After getting nowhere with the manager I reengaged Lululemon on twitter. After telling me again that my feedback is important, they sent me to their environmental policy on their website which reads:

“In 2014, we measured our company-wide waste footprint to learn how much waste we produce globally and how we can reduce it. We looked at all waste streams within our owned and operated facilities, our distribution centres, offices, our packaging, and all damaged and returned products.”

Apparently this is only concerning day to day operations. They apparently completely disregard their renovation procedures.

Finally they had a customer solution individual call me. In that call I was informed that the third party that they hired was in charge of the disposal and it’s their fault it was all smashed and disposed of instead of being reused in other places. They said that they’ve talked to that contractor about it. I did not get a response when I asked why it wasn’t in the contract to reuse what they could. She provided no assurance that their policies would change regarding this matter. Again I’m told me feedback is very important. I informed her that I was unsatisfied with this conversation.

This brings us to here. I would like to further this discussion and get it out there that this wasteful practice should change. Lululemon provided me with no assurance they have any interest in changing it, so I’m hoping by putting them in the spotlight that their attitudes may change.

Thank you.




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