Link shield from legend of Zelda

My son Damian wanted to be Link from the Legend of Zelda for Halloween.  I would also like to point out that Link is the name of the main male character and not the princess. His name is not Zelda….  Mom.

I did some Googling as I am expertly adverse in the ways of the internet and found some plans from instructables. ( He made his with foam board. We wanted something we could put up on the wall afterwards so I went with a nice thick piece of plywood. The plans for the cut outs were the same though.


Cut out shield shape. I used a jigsaw.  You can use whatever you feel comfortable with.

Cut out Link

Bend into shield shape.  I got the shield nice and soaking wet. I had several options. I noticed a lot of people used the bathtub overnight, fancy expensive steamer machines. I used a high tech device that can strangely be found in a lot of kitchens known as a “dishwasher”  I threw it in on rinse a couple times. Boom. Wet and soaking.

I used my weights (normally used for moulding my bulging muscles) to form it into shape. I put a couple underneath and a couple on the sides and let it dry overnight awkwardly in my shower.

Somehow I missed cutting out all of the pieces with my camera. I spray painted the shield blue first. The pieces were added in smaller forms instead of one large one. They weren’t bent and I found this was easier to attach them. I noted some people used the wooden dowel heads to simulate the bolt heads. I used real carriage bolts as I was using wood. Afterwards I filled in the gaps in the outline with wood filler and sprayed the main outside pieces.

Attaching extra components.

Spray them first.  I used a glue gun that has been passed down through generations of my family to attach them.  

I was running out of time so I cut out the bird thing and just spray painted it directly on the shield with a template.  It doesn’t look too shabby. I was going to a shield that looked well worn. I think it worked out okay.


Here is the shield in action on Halloween night. It was heavy and he only made 8 houses carrying it but it still looked awesome! It’s now proudly displayed on his wall.


Link shield in action

Link shield in action

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