Small pallet decorative box

For our wedding, we decided to give each of our three kids gifts during the ceremony.   The two boys got amazing multi tools.

I first used one of the knives to measure the size.  I just used spare pallet wood for all this and left the edges pretty rough.

Small DIY Box

I cut several pieces and one by one attached using brass corner brackets. Small DIY Box

More attaching on side two.Small DIY Box

I had also acquired some little brass hinges.  This was the hardest part because I didn’t want to smash the box.
Small DIY Box

Demonstrating they work!Small DIY Box

I used a little clasp to keep it closed.Small DIY Box Small DIY Box

Finished product.  They loved it and the boxes now store the knives when they are put away.  It’s more of a display than anything.  Which is what these boxes are meant for as the corner pieces etc don’t hold them together the best.

Small DIY Box

The inside.
Small DIY Box

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