Wash bin Pond

I had always wanted some sort of water feature in my backyard.  I came upon this washbin and containers and decided that this was the time.  I wanted one where the little containers poured into the big container.  Just had to figure out how to do that.


Eureka!  I figured it out!  I used some 90 degree brackets for this.  However I didn’t want them at 90 degrees.  Out came the blow torch. I heated them up and slowly bent them with pliers until they were at the angles I wanted.  Note the lack of level on the camera shot.  It’s hard to hold a camera, blow torch and pliers at the same time!IMG_5548

This is where they sat on the bottom oval container.  IMG_5549

Screwed in. I have a habit of using what I have a home. Also I’m broke and thus didn’t want to spend money so thus boom random bolts and nuts used! IMG_5551

Final placement for oval container number one. It is on an incline, I promise!  Also looks like I have mastered gravity.IMG_5552


Number two attached.  Still looks like I can control gravity.  In fact.  Lets say that.  I control gravity.IMG_5558

I covered the bolt heads with silicone to help seal it.  I did the top and bottom just to be sure.  Waited a good 24 hours for it all to dry.IMG_5559

Dry run before everything is added.  I found a simple nozzle from Home Depot for the fountain part at the top. I also picked up a very small pump from Canadian tire similar to this one at Amazon. However after researching a bit I wish I had gone for this solar fountain pump. Oh well. I ended up installing a electrical outlet back up behind that log in the top right for this project.  Luckily I figure I can use it for the lights on my tree as well.  So I guess it’s not all bad.IMG_5565

Here it is all done in all it’s glory. I put a piece of limestone in the bottom for extra weight just in case.  It also helps hold the pump down. A couple plants for oxygenation purposes and three goldfish that all look differently so that Damian can name them and tell which is which.  Apparently this is something the pet store hears often.

Here is one of the yet to be named goldfish poking his head out from under the rock where he likes to hide.  I will update and let you know the names when they occur. I know you’re on the edge of your seat awaiting.IMG_5569

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3 thoughts on “Wash bin Pond

  1. That is too small for 3 goldfish. Common goldfish can reach up to 12-18 inches.this pond isn’t big enough for one. If you keep them all in this pond you’re going to run into some major issues with algae caused from all the fish waste…you will also be poisoning your fish with ammonia and stunting their growth.these fish can live up to 15 years when cared for properly.
    Please check out this site on pond fish care:

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