Ginger Rhubarb Jam

I have a mutant Rhubarb plant in my backyard.  It’s only the beginning of June and I have had to cut it back four times already!  I have been able to pawn off a lot on my retired mother who in turn supplies the family and neighbourhood with rhubarb crips and pies.  This time however I have taken it upon myself to make rhubarb jam.  I like a good jam.  Occasionally a jelly.  But I’m really a jam guy.IMG_20160612_125113

I cut my mutant rhubarb plant (I call him Stan) today.  This was the haul I got today.   Probably cut less than a quarter of it down.  I used an Odouls can for scale.  I did let my mother steal more from today’s haul.

The Recipe:

8 cups rhubarb all chopped up into bits and pieces

2 cups sugar

1/4 cup shredded ginger

Lemon zest


Here is the Rhubarb all chopped up and measured out.IMG_5541

I zested the lemon with a cheese grater because I am resourceful and responsible.  I then cut the lemon and squeezed it to juice up the mix.


A nice shot of all the mix together. Sugar, lemon, rhubarb, ginger all together on the stove ready to heat up on the stove in medium heat.

I have at this point also got the big pot boiling with the jars that are sterilizing.


I also took a quick snack of rhubarb and sugar.  Well maybe a couple.  This may be a reason why losing weight isn’t happening…


I also made a batch with added strawberries as a side project.  I hope it goes well.    I only used four cups of rhubarb and one cup of sugar for this batch.

I proceeded to fill jars, then set them gently in the boiling water pot and boiled for a whopping ten minutes.  Then removed, set on the racks and waiting for the lids to pop.  All jars successfully made the lovely popping sound.



In total I got five jars of the Rhubarb Ginger Jam and two of the Strawberry Ginger Rhubarb.  Once I eat them  I will let you know how tasty they are and you can salivate at my descriptions and fume with jealousy.


I even made the most hip jam labels imaginable.

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