Stand Up Strawberry Planter

Keeping in tune with the “I have very little space in my tiny yard and thus I have to build my garden up” routine, I decided to build a stand up strawberry planter. I started with some fence boards I picked up from my trusty home depot.  Yes they’re pressure treated.


I wanted more of a crown thing at the top so I cut it pointy.  I used a mitre saw for this at 45 degree angles in case you’re wondering.


Standup Strawberry planter

I then cut holes all the way up and down the boards, leaving about an inch and a half on the edges.  Note the lady bug visitor I had. I couldn’t get him/her to fly away or crawl off for a while.  But here is your lady bug interlude.


Finished boards ready for staining.  Aren’t they exciting looking?IMG_5378

I have a brown and red theme in my back yard.  Note the birdhouse is alternating of those colours.  The birds told me this is their favourite colour scheme.  I assure you I speak bird. IMG_5379

Once dried I laid them down and spread out some fancy landscape cloth.  I stapled them to one end to start with.IMG_5380


I measured the total amount of interior space needed and cut the fabric.IMG_5381

Not only did I staple the fabric in but I also included some pieces of wood to help screw the boards together.

Finished product.  To install I dug a hole and put it in. Then filled up the top with dirt.  Once I pick up some strawberry plants I’ll show a couple shots of it in action.  The fabric allows me to just cut a hole and input the plant. Easy peezy.    IMG_5383

I’m hoping I can make jam later on in the year.

Update on strawberry and potato planters

Update on the strawberry planter with actual strawberries!


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