Stand Up Potato Planter

Spring has come early here in Saskatchewan. I’ve been steadily scouring the internet for ideas on what to do with my garden this fall.  Upon encountering several posts on stand up potato planters I decided to try my hand at one since I have limited space in my teeny yard.   This is the area I choose to set it up. Right smack dab between my rhubarb leaf bird bath and my trellis that grows beans and tomatoes.


I am a big believer in reusing things I have.  For instance I do a lot with pallets and thus I had some spears leftover that I didn’t know what to do with.  Hammered into the ground they became an excellent frame.


I acquired some chicken wire with one inch spacing.  I actually didn’t have this laying around but I found some other uses for it later on so I figured it would be useful to have.  I wrapped it around the frame and connected it with zipties that I got for xmas from Santa.  I’m not sure why I got zipties but I did, and they came in useful today.


Most sites I read used hair as a layer on the outside to hold in the dirt in the middle.  I didn’t have any on hand so I used leftover grass and other plant material I had around my backyard, including a cut up Christmas tree that I used in another post.  I felt this would sufficiently hold the dirt in the middle.  I used seed potatoes in the middle. Four per row.

My helper today.  He was really good at filling the middle with dirt.IMG_5362

Once I got to the top of the first row of chicken wire I added a second.  I used the zip ties again and zipped it all together.  Then continued layering of dirt, potatoes, dirt, potatoes and so on.IMG_5366

Here is another overview of the project.IMG_5358

Once I reached my desired height of about one metre I zipped the top all down to hold it in.IMG_5367

Final product.  I’ll take some pictures when it sprouts to show you all.IMG_5369                IMG_5370

Update: There is plants on the potato planter!


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