The Great Tree Toppling

I had a Elm tree that had died on my property.  Unfortunatly it was about a metre and a half away from my house and the next door neighbours. Thus it needed to be toppled.  After numerous conversations with the City and the Ministry of the Environment to find out the correct procedures to disposal of a elm tree to fight the evil Elm Beetle, we set to work.

This had been on the agenda for approximately two years now.  My buddy Wes and I had joint bought a pole saw in anticipation of this endeavor and were very excited to do this.  We trimmed off a lot of the larger top branches before we toppled the beast.  Notice we cut a triangle out of the one side to aid in toppling in the correct direction.  With a check to make sure my house insurance was up to date, Wes and Jordan  pulled as hard as their little bodies could on the ropes while I did the final cuts.  Here is a video taken by my lovely fiance of the tree actually falling.

And here is me standing on the fallen beast looking all manly and such. I am cursing myself for not wearing plaid.


We had chain saw issues at the end and me being amazing cut the final bit with a hand saw.  Look! I even wore a safety face shield!

It took 7 trips with a truck to get it all out to the disposal site. Here is the final pile with bonus Wes before it got burned and buried.


It was an adventure. Now my living room is much brighter and I don’t have to worry about a dead tree falling on my house.

Thank you to Heather Wes, Tara, Amanda, My father (Happy Birthday), Russ, Paul and Jordan for their help on this!

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