More planting!

I had lots of room on my grow table still and dirt and more coffee grounds etc available. I also wanted more tomatoes so I decided it was time to plant some more since it was still -5 outside.

The two white containers are for wildflowers.  They will look all pretty.  My fiance will like them. She likes that stuff.  I’m more of a “Can I eat it?!?” kind of guy. The individual ones will be for two varieties of tomatoes.  Little cherry ones and huge ones.  The big brown pot is for broccoli.  I’ve never planted broccoli before so this will be an adventure!  Damian was really into it so I decided why not.



I used my classic Epsom salt, coffee grounds, and eggshell soil mixture.  Hasn’t let me down yet!


My little helper aiding in the brocoli plantations.  He was super pumped to do this which is awesome.  Hopefully they work out!



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