Hiking throughout Saskatchewan

Hey there!  Been a bit.  I’ve been busy with school, a random ArcGIS contract (yes I do that too) and a minor surgery..  It’s okay. I’m fine.  I know you were incredibly concerned.  I will take as many get well gifts as your wanting to give though!

Do you write? Take photos? I discovered this really neat contest that may be up your alley.  Check it out!

World Around The Campfire Contest

I’ve finally done it and joined the twitter.  You can find me @NomaddadMatt.

There has been a lot of hiking as of late.

This is a poor quality photo of me at Sask Landing Provincial Park.  Note the Saskatchewan: Home of the Sasquatch Tshirt

Nice day.  However right after I took this I ended up running the rest of the trail as a blizzard moved in.  I did have a coat. It’s behind the camera.  If you turn around you can see it.IMG_5343

Then I went to Black Strap Provincial Park.  It was a balmy -20 with the windchill this day.   A little chilly.  But I made it.IMG_20160319_102414

Then the last park I was able to hike was the trails at Echo Valley Provincial Park!  I have camped here probably close to 4o times and for some reasons have never actually hiked the trails.  This first shot is a view of Pasqua Lake from the top of the valley.


We enjoyed a hot lunch of spicy bacon macaroni and cheese on my Biolite Campstove. This is the first time I’ve ever used it!  It’s a pretty neat debris burner.  The orange part is a fan that pushes air to the fire.  It also has a USB charger that you can charge devices with. However I think it takes a long long time to changeIMG_20160329_115235

I’ll end with a panorama of  Pasqua and Echo Lakes with the bridge in between.

Here is a link to the Biolite stuff on Amazon. They have a lot of different stuff you can do with it. I’d recommend it for day hikes as you don’t need to carry fuel with you.

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